Have you ever wondered how to make a King Tut costume for Halloween other some other event? Actually, there are at least three ways I can think of to dress up as King Tut that I’ll share here with you now.

Adult Supreme King Tut Costume - Egyptian CostumesThe first one is the simplest of all the methods and involves wearing eyeliner along the sides of the eyes and tapering it at off the ends. You could purchase of one those bald head patches that you see in stores too – you know, the ones that you can wear and it seems as if you are now totally bald.

King Tut had a nice complexion, I’ll bet, so you’ll want to make sure that you put quite a bit of makeup on to even out your complexion. And as for the dress, it could be as simple as a long overflowing white colored shirt held by a colored belt around the waist. And as for the footwear, if you are making your own King Tut costume, you can wear leather sandals which are available at almost any shoe store.

Now this method of dressing may be the simplest, but it’s not the best by any means. If you don’t pay anymore more attention to detail than this most people might not even realize that you are supposed to be dressed up as King Tut – in fact, they may even think you’re a slave or something.

The second way to make a King Tut costume requires a lot more effort and also requires you to purchase certain artifacts. The first thing that you will have to purchase is a King Tut mask, or at least a King Tut head dress. His iconic mask is the one thing that is most popular amongst people and it will make people instantly know that you are dressed up as King Tut. You can always go to a costume store and ask for a King Tut mask. It is available at almost every costume rental store, online and off.

King Tut Shiny Headpiece - Egyptial Costumes

There are at least two styles of headdress that you have an option to buy. One is the Egyptian mask which looks more like a half mask you’d wear at at Mardi Gras celebration.

Now this one can be used but I still wouldn’t recommend it even though many people go for this option if you really want to look the part of King Tut. The other option is the King Tut headpiece with the overflowing sides down over your shoulders, more in style like that the Bedouins wear or like the one that is often seen in many of the King Tut memorial shows that are touring the world now.

Sometimes you also get the King Tut headdress along with the cap attached with the mask. So if you have the option of a mask with an attached headpiece and one without, then I would certainly go for the one without the face mask. This makes your King Tut costume much more authentic and also gives it a more realistic look.

For the clothes, you may wear a long shirt that comes down to your knees or choose a floor length one if you like and then hold it with a belt around your waist. The shirt can be white in color and the belt a golden color – metallic would be a nice touch. Instead of a belt you can also just use a long ribbon to tie around the waist. As for the footwear, wear multi-strap sandalleather sandals or one of those tall laced shoes that many european women wear. Your main task of dressing up in a King Tut Costume is now almost over.

You can also carry some kind of artifact such as a wooden staff with an Egyptian cross or a snake at the top.  If you remember to buy one that is made of plastic it will be cheaper and not so heavy to carry too. You can easily ask for “King Tut staff made of plastic” at any costume store. That’s it – you are now done.

Lastly, let me quickly tell you how I dressed up last Halloween in my own King Tut Costume before we close. Now my King Tut Costume was a little different from the second method as discussed above. Instead of the typical iconic King Tut mask, I used a mummy mask but the overall look remained the same – except for the mask.

This one little change to my King Tut Costume not only made people instantly guess that I was dressed as King Tut but it was also creepy and showed a little more imagination on my part (since I didn’t wantSnake Staff to dress up exactly as every other King Tut on the block did).

Believe it or not, I also won the prize last Halloween for the best costume at the costume party I went to.

So, you can now choose from any of these three King Tut Costume dressing styles  as listed above for inspiration if you’ve decided that you want to be dear old King Tut this year. And I am sure that by following any of the options above that you’ll do a good job and make a good impression in your own King Tut Costume.

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